In this article, we share some amazing and interesting facts about the beautiful country of Canada.

Canada is one of the countries that have supported international education amidst the pandemic. A magnificent country most known for its vast landscapes and endless winter, Canada is home to world-renowned universities, with provinces such as Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec as most popular among international students.

For a better appreciation of the Great White North, we made a list of things that make Canada a truly fascinating country.

1.Consistently in the QS Top Universities list. Canada remains to be one of the most attractive and well-established nations for international education. In the QS World University Rankings 2022, three universities from the country made it to the top 100 in the world namely the University of Toronto, McGill University, and University of British Columbia.

2. Home to Hollywood A-listers. The country has produced world-famous entertainment personalities from the film and music industries. Keanu Reeves, two Ryans (Gosling and Reynolds), Justin Bieber, Drake, Alessia Cara, Celine Dion, Michael Buble, and the list goes on.

3. The delineating wall of water. Known as the most powerful waterfall in the world, Niagara Falls is a must-see when in the Ontario area. Comprised of three separate waterfalls– the American, the Bridal Veil, and the Horseshoe– it spans across the Canadian-US border and can be viewed from either side of the two countries.

4. Houses 10 UNESCO sites. Unsurprisingly, as the largest country in North America flourishing with beautiful landscapes, Canada is home to 10 natural UNESCO sites including Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Mistaken Point, Joggins Fossil Cliffs, and Waterton Glacier International Peace Park.

5. Land of the Maple Syrup. Canada is the world’s major supplier (85%) of maple syrup. Though inextricably linked to the maple leaf in the Canadian flag, maple syrup from the country has been known worldwide not only as a perfect add-on for pancakes and waffles but also as an innovative ingredient to scones, pies, roasted vegetables, and candies.

6. Has a saltwater lake like the Dead Sea. Little Manitou Lake in Saskatchewan in the rolling prairie of south-central Saskatchewan near Watrous has water 5 times more concentrated with mineral salt (180 000 milligrams per litre) than the ocean’s water. The 13.3 square km lake is extremely buoyant like the Middle East’s Dead Sea.

7. The world’s longest coastline and oldest known rock. The vast country has a coastline stretching 243,000 km along the shores of 52,455 islands. Along the U-shaped Canadian Shield, which spans from Lake Superior in the south to the Arctic islands in the north and from the western part of Canada eastward to Greenland, rest the oldest rocks on earth including the one reported in 2001 to be at 4.28 billion years old.

8. Canada is a monarchy. As a member of the British Commonwealth and a former colony of the British Empire, the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II also serves Canada and its people. Her majesty is represented locally by a governor-general appointed by the Prime Minister.