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You have so many educational options to choose from if you intent to study in Australia, so take some time to think about your career and life goals. The course you study will shape your career and life plans. Also think about whether you want to study in the city or in the country. Do you want to study at a small or large college or university? What level qualification do you want? (certificate, diploma, degree etc). You will probably find that the course you want to study is offered at several places in Australia and New Zealand. Is it important that you live somewhere warm or cold?

You will also need to consider the institution’s academic entrance requirements, as each college or university and each course has its own standards. If you don’t have enough English, you will need to think about English Language too.

Tuition Fee

The cost of studying in Australia and New Zealand compares well with other countries that take international students. You will find that the combined costs of tuition fees and living expenses are lower in Australia and New Zealand than the US and UK. Each institution has different fees for different courses. You will find that tuition fees in Australia and New Zealand for international students are even more competitive with other countries, especially when you calculate current exchange rates.

The following is a guide only:

English Language Courses AUD$150 – AUD$350 per week

Vocational Education and Training Courses AUD$5000 – AUD$12000 per year

Bachelor Degree (undergraduate) AUD$10000 – 18000 per year

Graduate Diploma, Masters, PhD (postgraduate) AUD$12000 – 18000 per year

English Language

You can study intensive English language (known as ELICOS) at more than 100 institutions in Australia and at a relatively low cost. Some institutions are private, semi-private or government owned. All institutions are properly registered and offer high quality English language training, many using advanced language laboratories, video, computer and library facilities.

There are no entrance requirements for English Language courses. Courses are offered at all levels (beginner to advanced) and course starting times are very flexible. This flexibility makes it easy for you to combine English Language Training with a holiday, or with another course.

You can study:

• General English (emphasis on communication skills)

• English for Academic Purposes (preparation to study at university, TAFE or a private college)

• Examination Preparation (preparation for Cambridge, TOEFL or IELTS examinations)

• Study Tourism (learn English while learning about Australia / New Zealand or enjoying activities such as scuba, golf, horse riding, sailing etc)

• And more

Many students will take an English Language Test to determine their level of English, and to decide how much English Language Training they may need. All tests assess your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a very popular test in Asia, however, most Australian institutions prefer the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test.

High School 500-550 TOEFL or 5-6 IELTS

Certificate 500-550 TOEFL or 5-6 IELTS

Diploma 500-550 TOEFL or 5-6 IELTS

Bachelors Degree 550-600 TOEFL or 6.0-7.0 IELTS

Postgraduate 550-600 TOEFL or 6.0-7.0 IELTS

University (BA, BSc, Pg Dip, MA)

There are many universities in Australia ranging in size from 3000 students to more than 30,000 students. All Australian universities are strictly monitored to maintain high standards in teaching and research. Most of these universities are located in cities, while some are found in rural environments.

Universities offer courses in a wide range of areas at the following levels:

• Bachelors Degree

• Graduate Certificate

• Graduate Diploma

• Masters Degree

• Doctorate (PhD)

Each university has its own entrance requirements for each course offered. You will also need to have a minimum level of English before you can start a course. Most courses start in February, however, some may also start in July and October.


Australian Technical and Further Education (TAFE) is a government owned and operated education system that offers courses in almost every field of study. There are more than 230 government TAFE colleges around Australia that offer courses at certificate, diploma and advanced diploma levels. Many TAFE courses will lead to credit transfer arrangements at Australian universities so you can earn credit towards a bachelor’s degree. Some TAFE courses are only a few weeks while others may take up to three years to complete. Some TAFE colleges are located in cities, while others are in rural areas. Most courses start in February, however, some may also start in July.

TAFE courses emphasize practical and professional learning that will help you get a job.

Private and Specialist Colleges

Private and Specialist colleges offer courses in almost every area of study, usually at certificate, diploma and advanced diploma level. These courses are often Generic Ambien Pill designed to teach practical skills you can use in the workforce. Courses can range from 10 weeks to 3 years, and each college will have its own entrance requirements. Many private and specialist colleges have credit transfer arrangements with universities so you can earn credit towards a bachelor degree.

Some examples of the types of courses you can study at a private or TAFE college:

• Accounting

• Aviation

• Business management

• Child care

• Computer studies

• Graphic design

• Hair and beauty therapy

• Information Technology (IT)

• Marketing

• Office administration

• Secretarial Studies

• Travel and tourism

• Hospitality and hotel management

• And many more

High Schools

Australian schools offer quality education at world class standards. Each State or Territory in Australia is responsible for its own schools however the Australian Federal Government ensures the standards and quality of teaching are maintained throughout the country.

The majority of Australian schools are public and approximately one quarter are private and charge full fees. Many private schools are run by religious institutions. Some schools offer boarding facilities.

There are thousands of schools in Australia, far too many to list here. You need to consider your individual needs (large school or small school, is religious education important, which city or town would you like to live in, etc).

Length of Courses

The following is a guide only. Each course and each college or university may be slightly different:

Certificate 6-18 months

Diploma 1.5-3 years

Bachelors Degree 3-5 years

Graduate Certificate 6 months

Graduate Diploma 1 year

Masters Degree 1-2 years

PhD 4-5 years

How to Apply

Once you have read through the information on the AMS Bridge Blue website, you must consider:

• What kind of course you would like to study.

• What level qualification you would like to study.

• In which Australian or New Zealand city or town you would like to live and study.

• Then contact us and send us information about your educational needs and goals.

• We will then give you free counselling via email and will advise you of your choices and opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.

• When you have decided on a particular university, college or school, AMS Bridge Blue will help you make an application. We will advise you of the academic and English language requirements as well as other documentation you need to provide with your application. Generally, you will need to provide details of your previous study, including copies of qualifications you already have. You will also need to have proof of your level of English (eg IELTS or TOEFL) as well as the name of the person responsible for paying your tuition fees.

• When you are accepted into a course, AMS Bridge Blue will advise you and send you a Letter of Offer from your school, college or university.

• You must read the Letter of Offer and understand any conditions such as upgrading your English language skills. You will be asked to pay the first semester tuition fees as well as the compulsory medical insurance fee (the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)) to pay for any medical or hospital treatment which you may need during your stay in Australia.

• When we receive your fees, we will send you a Letter of Confirmation of Enrolment. You need the Letter of Offer, Confirmation of Enrolment and receipt for your first semester’s (or first year’s) tuition fees to apply for your student visa for Australia.

• AMS Bridge Blue will give you advice about how you make a visa application. You will be asked to have a medical examination in order to get your student visa, and your doctor will fill out information on special forms.

• After all this, you will be told if your visa application is successful. The length of your student visa will be the same length as your course in Australia.

• AMS Bridge Blue can assist you arrange homestay accommodation and airport pickup and we will tell you when you should arrive in Australia to start your studies.

Student Visa

AMS Bridge Blue will give you advice about how to apply for your visa. To be given your visa, you will need to show the following:

• Letter of Confirmation of Enrolment from the school, college or university

• Letter of Offer Receipt showing you have paid your tuition fees Valid passport

• Medical report showing your good health

• Proof of having paid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for Australia

You should be aware of the conditions of your visa:

• You must leave Australia when your visa has expired

• Your visa is not valid for permanent residency of Australia or New Zealand

• You must satisfy course requirements and continue your enrolment

• While studying you can work up to 40 hours per fortnight and full-time during vacation time

• Health insurance must be paid for the full stay in Australia


International students in Australia with a student visa must have arrangements for health insurance. Australia has a special system of health care cover for international students called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and you must have this for the duration of your student visa in Australia. If you come to Australia on a working holiday visa or tourist visa and study a short course (up to 3 months) you cannot take out OSHC. We recommend travel or private medical insurance for those students on other visas.

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