Canada’s food scene has been flourishing in recent years, with credit to the country being multicultural and to its varying topography and climates. Though Canadian cuisine, indeed, stems from a wide range of influence– from indigenous cultures to the growing numbers of the immigrant population including international students– there is still an array of food and dishes that is distinguishably local.

Here are some of the famous Canadian dishes that are worth indulging for;


A massive land yet surrounded by huge bodies of water, Canada has a bountiful seafood bucket. Most specifically, Canadian salmon has found its way into many local dishes, prepared as pan-fried, baked, or smoked. Locals have a strong affinity to cedar planked salmon and sockeye salmon, which is usually cold-smoked. Other popular preparation for salmon in the country includes gravlax and salmon jerky.


One of the most famous food in the country and specifically in rural Quebec is poutine. The dish classified as a quintessential French-Canadian delicacy is widely found across Canada but most concentrated in French Canada. Poutine can be made in many ways but is traditionally presented as a bed of French fries, brown gravy, and cheese curds.


From Canada’s global donut and coffee brand Tim Hortons, Timbits aka doughnut holes are a must-have for locals. It comes in a variety of flavors such as chocolate, powdered sugar, honey dip, and old-fashioned.


Another French-Canadian delicacy is Tourtéire, a double-crusted meat pie normally served during holidays. Originating from Quebec, this dish uses various fillings like savory pork, beef, or veal flavored spiced with clove and cinnamon.

Butter Tarts

Originally from Ontario, butter tarts can be commonly found around the country in most bakeries and cafes. The tart-shaped pastry crust is filled with a deliciously creamy syrup consisting of sugar, butter, and egg.

Caribou Stew

Caribou stew is a traditional Canadian dish from the northern rural part of the country. Caribou, aka reindeer, is hunted and not famed, which guarantees that one can have a unique culinary experience of having meat from a wild animal. Since hunting is also seasonal, a moose or venison variation of the stew can also be an option.

Saskatoon Berry Jam

Native to southern Canada, Saskatoon Berry Jam is seasonal and is usually available during summer months when saskatoon berries flourish. Coming from the family of apples, saskatoon berries have a tart and sweet flavor and resemble blueberries. Many Canadian households have their own recipe for this jam which can also be topped on pies and tarts.

Lobster Roll

Closely associated with the Maritimes– New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island– lobster roll has become a classic Canadian summertime snack. Served on a crusty bun or even pitas, the globally popular dish consists of chunks of lobster steamed or boiled in seawater and served with mayonnaise, black pepper, lemon juice, and butter.