What’s Cooking, Canada? Getting to Know Popular Canadian Food 

Canada’s food scene has been flourishing in recent years, with credit to the country being multicultural and to its varying topography and climates. Though Canadian cuisine, indeed, stems from a wide range of influence– from indigenous cultures to the growing numbers of the immigrant population including international students– there is still an array of food [...]

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Famous Australian Attractions- by state and territory

The world’s largest island but the smallest continent Australia is divided into six states and two territories. Though Australia is the earth’s sixth-largest country with 7 692 024 km2, its topography is not that varied and consists of mostly low desert plateau with the southeast having the most fertile plains. However, due to its massive [...]

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A Peek into the US College Basketball Culture 

The  National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) March Madness is one of the many traditions and thrilling events that bring together more than 60 college basketball teams from the D-1 level, the top-tier level of intercollegiate athletics accepting players from around the globe.  The most-awaited 2022 NBA Draft has recently been concluded with Paolo Banchero from Duke University taking the top spot [...]

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The UK’s Innovation Playbook 

The UK government is determined to position itself as a global innovation hub by 2035. COVID-19 has shaken the global economy, forcing businesses, institutions, and governments to re-examine their existing and future growth strategies. With the pandemic disruptions and unprecedented challenges that have irreversibly changed the world, predictably, innovation and technology are anticipated to [...]

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Most Loved Winter Sports in Canada

At the 2022 Olympic Winter Games held in Beijing, China last February, Canada took home 26 medals, including the gold medals won in snowboarding, speed skating, and women’s hockey. Aside from the vast geography and majestic landscape that encompasses a wide variety of terrain, Canada is also known for its Arctic Tundra, the transitional zone between the edge [...]

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Uniquely Aussie Adventures

Not to be limited to the impression of the Great Outback as the vast heartland of Australia, the country sure has a plethora of uniquely Aussie adventures for both the adventurous and the laid-back ones. In this article, we feature some of the most Aussie things, places, or food to experience whether you are visiting the country as a [...]

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American Brands Conquering the World in 2022

American brands Amazon, Google, Walmart, Microsoft, and Facebook have been recognised as the world’s most valuable brands in 2022. Over the years, US companies have penetrated the global trade, making American brands visible in almost all parts of the globe. Almost synonymously, products from the US are perceived as most-trusted. In recent reports by market and [...]

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UK’s Best-Known Brands

According to Kantar, a world-leading data, insights, and consulting company, the UK’s leading brands have achieved double-digit growth of 22% to reach a record-high of $278.8 billion, reflecting British enterprises’ strong pandemic recovery. Amidst the COVID-19 disruption and the challenges of the post-Brexit era, British brands are showing resiliency as reported in the latest [...]

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Canada Extends Open Work Permit for International Graduates

In January 2021, Canada offered the open work permit to international students holding an expired or expiring post-graduation work permit (PGWP) to allow them to continue seeking job opportunities in the country. Canada’s economy is strongly rebounding from the impacts of the pandemic reflected by the demand for skilled workers outnumbering the supply. In a [...]

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