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The UK’s Innovation Playbook 

The UK government is determined to position itself as a global innovation hub by 2035. COVID-19 has shaken the global economy, forcing businesses, institutions, and governments to re-examine their existing and future growth strategies. With the pandemic disruptions and unprecedented challenges that have irreversibly changed the world, predictably, innovation and technology are anticipated to [...]

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UK’s Best-Known Brands

According to Kantar, a world-leading data, insights, and consulting company, the UK’s leading brands have achieved double-digit growth of 22% to reach a record-high of $278.8 billion, reflecting British enterprises’ strong pandemic recovery. Amidst the COVID-19 disruption and the challenges of the post-Brexit era, British brands are showing resiliency as reported in the latest [...]

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Top 5 Hottest Industries in the UK

For aspiring international students, having general knowledge of the biggest industries in the UK can be a motivating factor in pursuing that dream of studying abroad. In a recent QS Quacquarelli Symonds report, the UK’s popularity as a study destination is steadily increasing with 34,880 of 115,000 surveyed international students eyeing to study in the country. London [...]

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Peer Into the British Culture

There’s definitely more to tea and biscuits when defining the British culture.  For anyone visiting a foreign country, whether for a few weeks or a few years as to how it is for international students, knowing the basics is tantamount to enjoying or even surviving the adventure. Apart from the British Royal Family, England is [...]

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