Most trusted Australian brands – from fashion to food and tech- have reached a global scale for many years now and most of us have probably been patronising them. 

For many decades, Australia has been a key player in the global trade known for brands that pass high safety and quality standards. Earning the confidence of many consumers, Aussie products are perceived to be “clean, green, and safe”. Consumers from Southeast Asia contributed to 15% of the country’s total trade according to an earlier report by Austrade.

In this article, we feature some of the international brands that are truly Aussie. For international students, this is a sneak peek of  the country’s iconic brands that you would soon purchase or avail regularly.


The country’s flag carrier and one of the world’s leading airlines, Qantas has achieved its centennial celebration in 2020 flying as the Spirit of Australia.


In today’s digital economy, 83%of Fortune 500 companies rely on Atlassian products software products and IT services. The Sydney-headquartered software company now has over 180,000 customers across 190 countries.


Nothing is more Aussie than the Vegemite. Originated in Melbourne in the ‘20s, the yeast extract spread will be celebrating its 100 years in 2023.


Billabong is a leading fashion brand known for designing board shorts and clothing fit for both mountain and ocean enthusiasts. With offices in Europe, Australia and America, Billabong is a staple in most surf shops or department stores around the world.


The world’s leading swimwear brand was founded in 1928 in Sydney, Australia. The company pioneered the figure-hugging “Racerback” swimwear for better movement and speed. It became a global brand during the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games when Speedo sponsored the Australian team that took home 8 gold medals.

Penfolds Grange

An iconic Australian brand, Penfolds Grange has been making fine wine since 1844 and is a heritage-listed wine protected by the National Trust of South Australia. Penfolds is one of the world-class Australian wines that are favored by wine collectors.


The maker of Tim Tams is the largest producer of biscuits in Australia and a food brand that has made it to the world stage.


Also known as Woolies, Woolworths is Australia’s largest supermarket chain that has been partnering with local Australian growers and farmers, sourcing 96% of all fresh fruit and vegetables and 100% of fresh meat from them. The Australian retailer now has about 3,000 stores worldwide, employs over 200,000 members catering to over 29 million customers across its brands weekly.


Headquartered in Port Melbourne, Holden is an Australian automobile brand owned by General Motors and is originally known as an Australian car manufacturer in the ‘50s. In 2020, General Motors announced that it will retire the Holden brand in Australia and New Zealand as part of its international business strategy but will continue to provide after-sales service for 10 years.

Commonwealth Bank

The country’s leading integrated financial services provider has a strong market footprint across Aisa, Europe, New Zealand, North America, and the UK. Commonwealth Bank is headquartered in Sydney, NSW.